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Water Research

NEER has undertaken considerable grassroot level work towards water conservation and management in both rural and urban scenario. Mass awareness is being spread by the organization on water conservation and management with the active involvement of the farmers, schools, colleges, universities, government and civil society organizations and the community.

Especially Rural community is being made aware to save the natural water resources as these affect them directly and early. Jal Samitis are conducted in villages to bring awareness on depleting safe waters among residents. At the same time, the water bodies which have been encroached are saved through raising awareness amongst the local community.

India’s first ever rural rain centre has been opened at Poothi village, district Meerut. The rain centre showcases several models of water systems, irrigation techniques which require less water usage, data on government farmer policies and most importantly a rainwater harvesting structure which can store up to 1,25,000 liters of rain water.

NEER Foundation collaborated with Council on Energy, Environment and Water, New Delhi (CEEW), for a program in which GIS mapping of all the ponds in Meerut district along with water sample testing was undertaken by the team. A detailed study report “Talabo ki Stithi” has been compiled by the NEER team which includes all the data on number of ponds of the district.

Along with WWF India, a project was undertaken to study the quality of the Kali River throughout its catchment, comparing the deterioration of the river water quality and groundwater quality, within the span of twelve months. Total 16 samples of surface and underground waters were collected and tested at a laboratory. These samples were taken each from eight districts where the river passes. The objective was also to study extent and movement of pollutants in aquifer due to intense contamination of surface water, placing the water quality analysis data on the GIS platform.

Villages situated on the banks of polluted rivers of the region face drinking water crisis as the underground water table is witnessing contamination. This has badly shown upon the health in form of low fertility, hindered development and life taking diseases among the residents of high number of villages. To collect actual data of the impact of contaminated drinking resources, detailed village studies were conducted by NEER team. The villages include Dabal, Morkuka, Atali among others.

River documentaries have been produced putting light on the extent and causes of the pollution. The foundation is in the process of documenting the historical importance, present scenario & future prospects of these rivers in form of a book which would be published soon.

Save Ganga Campaign was initiated few years ago with the help of similar organizations, social activists and authorities. Ganga is our holy river which is getting polluted drastically and it is all citizens’ responsibility to reclaim the holy river before it goes extinct at our hands. On every Ganga Mela held in the region witnesses the NF team along with other volunteers at the ghaats, keeping them clean and urging visiting followers to maintain the sanctity of the holy ghaats.

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