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Agriculture & Innovation

NEER is primarily involved in research work on various aspects. It is the prime objective to find out facts and numbers to aide in development process and awareness of the society.

LR Compost

LR Composting technique has been innovated by NF where the farmers can benefit from the biomass contained in sugarcane leaves, by converting it to compost and thus forming manure. This technique is total win-win situation from both ends. Firstly it stops the burning practice of waste sugarcane leaves which pollutes the environment and affects quality of field soil, secondly the waste leaves are being used to make organic manure both in liquid and solid form to be used in crops fields, hence saving the environment with enhancing the crops and field soil.

Clean Technology for “Kolhus” (Jaggery units)

The main goal of the project is to provide a cleaner and efficient way for energy production to the Jaggery producing units so as to prevent them from producing such huge environmental pollution & to replace the existing Kolhus with an improved green technology with improvised manufacturing process. The project is supported by MoEF (Govt. of India). NF has collaborated with Inventa, Mumbai to construct the model jaggery unit.

Meerut Ponds Study

NEER Foundation collaborated with Council on Energy, Environment and Water, New Delhi (CEEW), for a program in which GIS mapping of all the ponds in Meerut district along with water sample testing was undertaken by the team. A detailed study report “Paani Ghano Anmol” has been compiled by the NEER team which includes all the data on number of ponds of the district.

Village Fact Sheet

NEER also undertakes whole village study which is done through door to door survey method to collect detailed data about the population of the village. Due to water pollution prevailing in the villages situated on the banks of Kali river, there has been numerous cases of life threatening ailments. Therefore, a detailed study of villages namely Morkuka, Dabal, Kota Harnathpur, Jalalpur, Aad, Kudla, Bhalolpur, Bhadeda Khemchand & Simlana,etc, of Meerut, Muzafarnagar, Baghpat districts; has been carried out. Num-bers and facts have been compiled such as number of families, monthly income, monthly medical expense, deaths in last 5 years, current patient, type of disease, if water pollution is behind the diseases, source of drinking water, etc.

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