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Safe Drinking Water

It is a basic right to have safe drinking water for everyone on this earth. But we and our government, mutually, had been ignoring this necessity. Now we are at the verge of limited waters for ourselves, after polluting the natural resources.

Many villages have access to only highly polluted drinking waters as their underground water tables has been contaminated by the polluted rivers, agricultural chemical run off and dumping of wastes in water resources. These have given birth to water borne diseases in the villages also hindering proper development in next generations. Detailed village studies conducted by the organization have put these results forward.

To provide access to safe drinking waters for the village residents, we have been approaching local authorities, but it’s taken too long pursuing them. Therefore, in partnership with Water Collective, U.S.A., individual water filter systems have been installed in every household of the two villages, namely Dabal and Morkuka of the Meerut district. The filters of the system have also been replaced after few months of regular usage. By conducting sabhas in the villages, a member of each household was educated on importance of clean drinking waters and its impact on human health.

In few other villages, overhead water tanks are being constructed by local authorities and gram panchayats, to store and filter ground water for supply to every household for drinking purposes.

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