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Hindon River Waterkeeper

We have an initiative Hindon River Waterkeeper under Nirmal Hindon Initiative, where along with volunteers and activists, programs are undertaken for restoration of the waters of the Hindon.

Hindon River was supposed to be originating from forests of PurkaTanda village in Saharanpur village but according to British Gazetteer and Satellite mapping, it points the origination from the Kaluwala village at Shivalik mountain range in Muzaffarabad block of Saharanpur district. Upon this information, NEER team along with other Hindon River Waterkeeper volunteers, started a journey to find out true origination of the river and its condition, in year 2017. It was found that infact the information was correct. It passes from districts Saharanpur, Muzafarnagar, Meerut, Baghpat and Ghaziabad travelling for 355 kms before finally meeting the Yamuna River at forests of Momnathal village situated about 500 m from Tilwada village in Gautambudhnagar district. There are about 865 villages situated near Hindon and its tributary rivers.

According to Uttar Pradesh Water Dept, 1215.43 MLD of sewage is produced from Saharanpur, Muzafarnagar, Budhana, Baghpat, Meerut, Gaziabad and Noida city which is transported through 68 drains. About 450 MLD of this sewage is being filtered in different city systems but rest 765.43 MLD is unfiltered due to unavailability of sewage treatment system. All of it is disposed in Hindon River and its tributaries.

Recently, a cleanliness drive was conducted of about 15 kms stretch of the river, near village PuraMahadev situated on the borders of Meerut & Baghpat district. It involved hundreds of community volunteers, activists and officials of the local departments. The volunteers cleared the river manually getting rid of dense growth of Jalkumbhi plants and paved way for the standing waters to flow and come back to life. The campaign went about for 50 days for the successful implication under Nirmal Hindon Initiative.