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NEER’s innovation LR Compost Pit Technique has been successfully implemented through numerous supporters namely IGSSS New Delhi, SGP CEE UNDP and HCL Foundation. The carbon emission has been reduced in the region.

Burning to Composting

NEER has established an organic “Kolhu” (Jaggery Unit) taking a concrete step for change in the crusher industry with collaboration with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.

Organic Kolhu

NEER’s efforts started about a decade ago after witnessing the plight of Kali East River, a tributary river of Holy Ganga. In year 2019, river’s origination in Antwada village has been revived through construction of a recharging lake and river bed. Now the river flows undisputedly for many kilometers ahead.

Revival of kali (east) River

It is a social initiative started by NEER Foundation with aim towards protecting Hindon River, a tributary of Holy Yamuna River. It has focus on efforts of local community, activists and common people towards the river. All the actions taken undertaken in this initiative are coordinated with efforts from community and local authorities.

My Hindon – My Initiative

Neem River revival was kicked off on 7th June 2021 at Dattiana village of Hapur district. NadiPutra Raman put forward his five fundamentals to revive the river with the Divisional Commissioner. NEEM River is the major tributary of East Kali River, which originates from Dattiyana village in Hapur district and covers 180.2 km passing from Bulandshahar district and merges with the East Kali River in Aligarh district. It is facing severe drought at its origin and other parts. Hence, its revival is crucial not only for the communities but also East Kali River.

Neem River Revival